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Scholarships for High School Students 2023/2024 | Apply Now


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Scholarships for High School Students – Are you a high school Student and have a creative ability in filmmaking? A scholarship awaits you, what are you waiting for! Rush Now and Apply today for more details read more…

StudyCorgi Annual Scholarship

The Scholarships for High School Students

The annual $1,500 award from StudyCorgi is now available to help creative students hone their filmmaking abilities. A scholarship worth $1,000 and a $500 cash prize will be awarded to the top two finishers.

Requirements – Scholarships for High School Students

  • To participate, you need to be a current high school, college, or university student. You must provide proof of your enrollment for your submission to be accepted.
  • All National


Application submission for Scholarships for High School Students

1st step

Create an original video on one of the topics below:

  • How AI can enhance online education and learning outcomes.
  • The ethical challenges and opportunities of using ChatGPT.
  • The personal and professional development opportunities that AI offers for career growth and lifelong learning.

This video should:

  1. Avoid using copyrighted content.
  2. Cover the topic mentioned above as creatively as possible.
  3. Use the English language only.
  4. Be 1 – 2 minutes in length.
  5. Have a catchy title that represents your ideas.
  6. Be delivered in .MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, or .AVI formats.

2nd step

Use Google Drive or Dropbox to upload your video. Please, don’t set the file to public access before we start collecting submissions.

3rd step

Subscribe to StudyCorgi’s first and second YouTube channels. Leave a like and share the Scholarship video description on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

4th step

Write an email to scholarship@studycorgi.com with “StudyCorgi Video Scholarship Submission” in the subject line. In your email, include the following information in this particular order:

  • The link to the video that you’ve uploaded (access to the file should be set to anyone who has the link).
  • A screenshot confirming your subscriptions to StudyCorgi’s YouTube channels.
  • A screenshot confirming the Scholarship video description shared on social media.
  • A thumbnail of your choice (this one is optional).
  • Proof that you are a current high school, college, or university student.
  • Your answer to the question: “How did you learn about the StudyCorgi Scholarship?”

If anything from the list above is missing, we won’t accept your submission.

You can also make animated videos or film yourself or friends as actors. Each person can only send one video and is eligible for only one award.

While receiving submissions, we’ll share the highlights of how the contest is progressing every week on our social media pages. We’ll also post an update on our blog before the evaluation, summarizing the progress so far with an informational post.

1st Evaluation stage

Our editorial team will check and evaluate every video that we receive. We apply the following criteria to all the submissions:


Content usefulness


Production value for Scholarships for High School Students

It’s important to pay equal attention to each aspect mentioned, as they will influence the final decision when selecting winners.

The videos that meet the criteria will be uploaded to the StudyCorgi YouTube channel. They will then be open for online voting. The audience’s likes, comments, and views will decide which videos will reach the second stage.

2nd Evaluation stage

In the second stage, we’ll pick out five videos that collected the most likes and had the best audience engagement (also based on views, comments, and social media shares). Then, we’ll have our jury of service experts pick the two winners based on the video’s creativity, production value, and how well it delivers the message.

Awarding the winners for Scholarships for High School Students

We’ll announce the winners on this page and the StudyCorgi blog. Our support team will then contact the winners to discuss how they can receive their scholarships.

How to Appy for Scholarships for High School Students

Interested applicant should visit https://studycorgi.com/students-scholarship/ or click APPLY HERE to start the application process.

Application Deadline:

September 17, 2023

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