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Hollowness of Remote Learning Myths


Remote Learning Myths : With increasing numbers of students enrolling in more online courses each year, e-learning, also known as online learning, continues to grow and flourish. Internet resources are used by seasoned educators to conveniently obtain high-quality education. An online student can obtain knowledge at an online whiteboarding tool from any location on Earth and connect with a seasoned researcher or professor at a reputable university from anywhere in the world thanks to technological innovation.

Remote Learning
  1. Myth – The Quality of Remote Learning is very Low

As educators and schools have gained more experience with online learning(Remote Learning Myths), and adopted an increasing array of tools, this has opened the door to high quality learning experiences. With highly engaging learning modules, learners have the freedom to start or stop the process as per their convenience. The ability to control the pace of learning has a direct impact on retention rates. Studies revealed that online learning increases knowledge retention by about 25-55%. With more information being processed and understood by learners, online learning can, in fact, be better in comparison to traditional methods of learning.

2.Myth – Learners of Remote Learners feel Isolated

This is probably the most well-known misconception about online learning. We’ve all heard stories about students not feeling ‘connected’ with the class and how boredom quickly takes over the learning process. This can certainly be a challenge in the online learning environment, but there are many tools and techniques that can help provide more interactive presence. Teachers can effortlessly bridge the divide by giving learners the freedom to communicate through video conferencing, chat, screen sharing, online white boards, and other communication mediums.



Remote Learning Myths

 3. Myth- Online Remote Learning Costs more

If compared to a local community college, yes, the costs would be higher. However, keeping the quality of education as a common factor, online education costs far less, when compared to a regular university degree.

Case-in-point being Illinois University’s iMBA program. The online program costs around $21K in comparison to almost $80K that an on-campus student needs to shell out. Students in both courses have access to the same faculty and similar course structure. Owing to the reduced costs that the university needs to invest in infrastructure, the online course is priced moderately and well within reach of students of all economic backgrounds. While online learning might require students to invest in better equipment or computer hardware, but that being a one time cost.


3.Myth – Online Remote Learning is only for the tech-savvy.

This myth is as baseless as the ‘flat earth theory.’ With the development of well-researched course material, having prior knowledge of computers is not a necessity. Currently, online learning offers students and educators an immersive experience that takes into account their existing skill levels. As long as users can operate the basic functionalities of a computer, online learning can be received or imparted with ease. And schools generally provide a wealth of support resources to help guide those who might need assistance.


Online learning is a trend that is fueled by growing technological advancements. What seemed like a distant likelihood has been made real, thanks to the power of technology. Don’t let the skeptics keep you away from the unimaginable power of knowledge that is now more easier to receive through online learning. This was our effort to bust some common misconceptions about online learning; we hope the information you read was helpful. Let us know in the comments section.

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