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Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners and Indian Nurses (BSc & GNM)


Nursing Jobs in Germany for ForeignersNumerous European nations, including Germany, are experiencing a severe nursing shortage as a result of aging populations and rising maternal death rates. Germany is one of these nations, where demand for nurse positions rises each year. Every year, the range of nursing positions available to foreign nurses in Germany broadens.
The German government has been striving to address this issue by planning awareness campaigns and educating potential candidates about the chances available.

Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

Reasons Germany Such a Great Place for Nursing Jobs

Germany is a great place to work as a nurse because of the public health care system. The social health care system covers the entire population. Nurses in Germany are in demand, and the country has a good tradition of nursing. Nurses in Germany also enjoy high social standing. Germany is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe with an excellent healthcare system, so there are many opportunities for nurses to work in various positions. The salary is good, and the professional prospects are promising.


One factor that stands out is that nurses can specialize more than they could elsewhere because there are not enough nurses to fill all positions in Germany. The scope of nursing jobs in Germany is expanding as the living standard, and nurses’ salaries in Germany are attractive.

Germany has a shortage of nurses, which means that nurses have more opportunities to progress in their careers faster. The wages are good, the culture is welcoming, and the working conditions are the best in the World. Germany has a shortage of nurses which means that nurses have more opportunities to progress in their careers much faster than in other countries. This is because there are many vacant posts but not enough people to fill them.

The wages in Germany for nurses are much higher than in other countries, and this attracts workers from other European countries like Spain and Greece who often leave nursing jobs back home because they can’t afford the high cost of living.

Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners – Nursing Duties

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Nurses will assist the doctors and assist people in various ways. The nurse’s responsibilities include care of patients, Independent observation, guidance, and support and care for patients, in-patients, and out-patients. In addition, based on the specific area of expertise and the qualifications, nurses could also carry out medical directives and assist with medical procedures. As a nurse staff, they are also an experienced source of information for patient’s families.


 The main tasks of nurses in Germany are given below

  • Patient Care 
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Elderly Care 

Entry Requirements for Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

Anyone who wants to be employed long-term in nursing in Germany must complete the entry requirement before being accepted as a Nurse in Germany. Listed below are the criteria for nursing jobs in Germany.

  • Recognized qualifications: First of all, Indian or Non-EU nursing qualifications should be recognized by the Government of Germany. The German authorities will check whether your nursing qualification is comparable with German Nursing Qualification before initiating other processes.
  • German Language Proficiency. The nursing Profession requires communication with doctors and patients. So Nurses should be able to communicate with the patients and doctors. All Non-EU Nurses, including Indian Nurses, should have obtained a B1 Certificate in German Language. B2 level proficiency is desirable.
  • Good Health. All Nurses should produce a medical fitness certificate to be considered for nursing jobs in Germany.
  • Personal Trustworthiness: To prove their trustworthiness, Nurses should produce a Police Clearance Certificate or use the German document of good behaviour (Fuhrungszeugnis).

Eligibility Criteria to Work as a Registered Nurse in Germany

  • GNM Diploma or BSc/MSc Degree in Nursing 
  • B1/B2 Language Proficiency in the German Language
  • Minimum Six Months Experience

German Language Requirement for Nurses 

As Nurses have to communicate with the Doctors, Medical Professionals, and Patients frequently, German language proficiency is essential for nurses working in Germany to Indian nurses.

If you’re planning a nursing career in Germany, Starting your German lessons as early as possible is recommended. A B1 level proficiency in the German language from GOETHE/TELC/OSD is obligatory for registered nursing positions in Germany for Indian nursing staff.

Document Required for Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

The following is a list of documents required to register as a nurse in Germany. All documents and certificates must be translated into German before submitting them. The police clearance certificate and the doctor’s fitness certificate are valid for six months. Therefore it is better to obtain the PCC only after passing the German language test.

  • 10th Certificate  
  • 12th Certificate  
  • GNM/BSc/MSc Mark lists  
  • Transcript of Nursing Qualification  
  • Bio-data  
  • German language certificate
  • Medical Certificate  
  • Birth Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate 
  • Nursing Registration Certificates  
  • Job Experience Certificate  
  • 10 Passport Size Photographs
  • Passport Copies  

German Translation of Documents

Applicants must translate all English certificates and documents to German before sending them for registration. An approved translator must do all translations, and translated documents must have the official stamp of the translator.

Nursing Registration Process in Germany

After the translation of documents, all certificates should be mailed to the province that the candidate prefers. The time for processing can range between two and five months, based on the province selected.

After receiving this job offer, the applicant can start the process of applying for a visa. • Once the registration is approved, Eduflair will send the candidate’s CV to the hospitals for consideration. On approval, the hospital authority may conduct a telephonic or Skype interview to assess the language proficiency and professional competency before offering the job letter.

Visa Application Procedure for Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

Applying for a German Work visa is essential for obtaining a nursing job in Germany in Germany for Indian nursing staff. European nationals do not need a job visa to work in Germany. All Non-EU Nationals, including Indians, require a visa to work in Germany. Take all of the necessary documents. Pay the fee for the work visa and then attend the interview. The process for the visa could be between one and two months.

Visa Documents Required For Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

  • Original passport with a minimum six months validity
  • A signed application and declaration form
  • two copies of the passport
  • Offer Letter from German Employer 
  • Letter of offer sent by the German company
  • Covering Letter
  • Education Certificates
  • Experience Certificates
  • German Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Six passport-sized photographs
  •   Visa Fees  
  •  Health insurance
Benefits of Nursing Jobs in Germany.

Demand for Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

Nursing-Jobs-in-Germany-English-Speaking Compared to other available occupations, there is a high demand for nursing professionals in Germany. Increased prevalence of chronic illnesses and aging populations, and increasing demand for healthcare are a few factors behind the demand for nurses in Germany.

Job Security for Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

Germany is a developed country that safeguards the interests of health professionals. The shortage of nurses is very high, and job security is not an issue in Germany.

Family Status for Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

Once you’ve arrived in Germany after arriving, you can take your family with you to Germany, and your spouse can work, and your children will be eligible for free education. The spouse will require a basic German language proficiency certificate ( A1 ) to move to Germany.

PR Eligibility for Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

Another advantage of working as a nurse in Germany is the PR status. Usually, the German Authorities will grant permanent residency within five years or earlier. The residence permit will be granted to non-EU citizens who have been in Germany for longer than five years.

Long Job contract for Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

Another benefit of working as a nurse in Germany to Indian nurses is that they are eligible for an unlimited work contract. The job contract can be changed or terminated at any time through mutual agreement, with the consent of both employee and the employer.

Residence Permit for Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

Permanent residence permits you to remain in Germany as long as you want. To be eligible for a permanent residence permit, applicants must acquire at least five years’ experience working in a position recognized by Federal Employment Agency. Another requirement is that you must demonstrate your proficiency in the German language. If you get a residence permit, your spouse and child will receive temporary residence permits.

Yes. You can take your family members and spouse to Germany within a few days of arriving in Germany. However, a basic German language proficiency certificate (A1 Level) is mandatory for your spouse.

What If German Consulate rejects my documents?

Approved translators should do the German translation of documents. We can help you get your documents translated to Germany by the translators approved by the Embassy and apply again for a visa.

How to check my eligibility?

If you require more details about whether you’re qualified to be a licensed nurse, or not don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

What happens if the German Embassy in India rejects my visa application?

If the German Embassy declines the application you submitted, you are required to file an appeal. Re-submission is a necessary process and should be done with solid arguments.

How to Get a Family Visa in Germany?

To apply for a visa, you must schedule an appointment with the German consulate in India. It is necessary to provide all the necessary documents to support your visa application. Listed below are the documents required for visa submission of Indian Applicants.

  •   Visa Application Forms  
  • A proof of the basic German knowledge to communicate.
  • Photocopy of the spouse’s passport
  • Copy of spouse’s residence permit
  • Original Certificate of marriage 

What is the average salary of a German registered nurse?

Registered Nurse in Germany can earn between 2450 and 3300 Euros per month. In Indian Rupees, it comes around 2 to 2.5 Lac /month. Nurses are also eligible for other incentives and overtime etc. 

Does Block Account is required for a German Nursing Job Application?

No. a block account is not required for a German Nurse Visa.

Is a B2 Certificate in the German language is compulsory for Nursing Jobs in Germany?

No. Nurses can attend the interview with German employers as soon as they pass the B1 exam. They can improve their language proficiency till they reach Germany. B2 level proficiency will be desirable as it will help them to grab the best job offers. 

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