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NECO Biology Questions and Answers 2023


NECO Biology Questions and Answers: For all candidates taking the exams this year, the NECO 2023 Biology; Theory and Objective (OBJ) expo question and answer is free. Expect a free response here if you are one of the candidates for the NECO Exam in 2023.

NECO Biology Questions and Answers

About NECO Biology Questions and Answers

Nigeria’s National Examination Council (NECO) is a well-known international exam body that has been conducting exams since 2000.

NECO Biology Answers is Out


The cell theory states that all living organisms are composed of cells, cells are the basic unit of life, and all cells come from pre-existing cells.

(1aii) (Pick any two)

i. Robert Hooke (1665)
ii. Anton van Leeuwenhoek (1674)
iii. Matthias Schleiden (1838)
iv. Theodor Schwann (1839)

(1bi) Pick any five(5)
i. Pollinated by insects
ii. Usually have brightly colored petals
iii. Have large amounts of nectar and pollen
iv. Have a wide var



Examples of Freswater habitat are

Pick any two

I Lakes

II. Wetlands

III. Streams

IV. Rivers

V. Ponds.


Pick Any Two


Complete Metamorphosis

  • Egg Stage – Larva Stage-Pupa Stage – Adult Stage
  • Development is gradual
  • Larvae and adults have different shapes and characteristic
  • Wing development inside the pupal stage

Incomplete Metamorphosis

  • Egg Stage -Nymph Stage -Adult Stage
  • Development is abrupt
  • Nymphs and adults have similar shapes and characteristics
  • wings develop outside the nymph stage
  • Development is fast

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