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Momo Bank 2022/2023 Application Portal


MoMo Bank is generally regarded as a “flirting app,” but now redirected users to Payment Service Banks (PSBs). According to Enhancing Financial Innovation and Access (EFInA’s) 2020 report, while 45 per cent of adults have bank accounts, 36 per cent are still financially excluded. It is hoped the PSBs will bridge the gap in banking services.

MoMo Bank – Two African dominating giant mobile telecommunication Network, MTN and Airtel continue to amaze the people, bringing innovations and cutting edge technology to African Tele NIN market and the globe at large, it was Magic box, now is momo. This article will briefly highlight MTN and Airtel momo operations, the benefits and lot more, read further so as to learn more.

What is MoMo Bank

 MoMo Bank simply refers to Mobile Money (MoMo) is a platform whereby user’s phone number is used as a bank in financial transaction, but the user has to create an e-wallet with his mobile number to access such services Payment service bank (PSB) has begun in most of the African countries and the middle East with approval of nations Central Bank.


List of Countries Operating MoMo Bank

Currency ISO            Country          Currency

XOF       Benin                                    CFA franc

BWP    Botswana                              Pula

XOF      Burkina Faso                       CFA franc

BIF     Burundi                                 Burundi franc

XAF    Cameroon                             CFA franc

XAF    Chad                                      CFA franc

CDF    Congo                                    Congolese franc

EGP    Egypt                                     Egyptian pound

ETB    Ethiopia                                 Ethiopian birr

XAF    Gabon                                   CFA franc

GHS    Ghana                                   Ghanaian cedi

GNF   Guinea                                   Guinean franc

XOF    Guinea-Bissau                      CFA franc

XOF    Ivory Coast                           CFA franc

KES    Kenya                                    Kenyan shilling

LSL    Lesotho                                  Loti

LRD   Liberia                                   Liberian dollar

MGA  Madagascar                          Malagasy ariary

MWK Malawi                                  Malawian kwacha

XOF    Mali                                       CFA franc

MRO  Mauritania                            Ouguiya

MUR  Mauritius                              Mauritian rupee

MAD  Morocco                                Moroccan dirham

MZN   Mozambique                         Mozambican metical

NAD   Namibia                                 Namibian dollar

XOF    Niger                                      CFA franc

NGN   Nigeria                                   Naira

RWF   Rwanda                                  Rwandan franc

XOF    Senegal                                  CFA franc

SLL    Sierra Leone                         Sierra Leonean leone

SOS     Somalia                                  shilling

ZAR    South Africa                         South African rand

SDG    Sudan                                                Sudanese pound

SZL     Swaziland                              Lilangeni

TZS     Tanzania                               Tanzanian shilling

XOF    Togo                                      CFA franc

TND   Tunisia                                  Tunisian dinar

UGX   Uganda                                 Ugandan shilling

ZMW  Zambia                                 Zambian kwacha

ZWD   Zimbabwe                            Zimbabwean dollar

momo bank

Important of Momo Bank

  • Momo bank is poised to enable millions of unbanked and underserved Nigerians to access a wide range of financial service products.
  • MoMo wallets Nigerians in the diaspora to send money to any phone number in the country, “an important feature given Nigeria’s ranking as the destination for the highest remittance inflow in sub-Saharan Africa”.

With the payment services of momo bank licence, MTN and Airtel in African countries will offer a wider range of mobile financial services beyond the traditional person-to-person mobile money transfers, such as lending and bill payments.

FAQ About MoMo Bank

How does MoMo work in Nigeria?

With MoMo, users can use their mobile money account in a number of ways, including receiving and storing money, sending money to any MTN mobile phone user, sending money to mobile phone users on other local networks, withdrawing cash at any authorised MTN mobile money agent, top-up MTN airtime, pay bills, buy and pay 

Momo (Chinese: 陌陌; pinyin: mò mò) is a free social search and instant messaging mobile app. The app allows users to chat with nearby friends and strangers. Momo provides users with free instant messaging services through Wifi, 3G and 4G.

How do I receive money from MoMo?

Locate or Visit MoMo Agent Nearest to You. To Locate Agent: Dial*223#

Send/Receive Money

  1. Dial*223#
  2. Select 1 to locate Agent.
  3. Enter State.
  4. Enter LGA.
  5. The Address and Phone Number of the closest MoMo Agent is displayed.

What is MoMo number in Nigeria?

By dialling *671# on any network, customers can open a MoMo wallet, send money fo any phone number in the country and pay their bills

How do mobile money agents make money?

How do MoMo Agent get Paid?

The agent earns commission from the deposit, withdrawal, buying airtime and paying bills for the customers. The commission of agents reduced significantly after the introduction of the one percent tax on mobile money withdrawals in July 2018.

MTN MoMo Bank Portal

To download MTN MoMo application Click Here

 Can I receive MTN mobile money from usa?

Receive funds instantly onto your MTN MoMo wallet from any part of the world anytime, anywhere in Ghana. MTN MoMo has partnered a number of Remittance Partners across the world to make this service available to our cherished customers.

How do I transfer money from MoMo to my bank account?

If you’ve registered for this service with your bank, then this method will work for you.

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Enter 5 for financial services.
  3. Enter 1 for banking services.
  4. Enter 1 to transfer to your bank.
  5. Select your bank from the list.
  6. Press 1 to select your account.
  7. Enter the amount to transfer.
  8. Press 1 to confirm.

How do I withdraw money from MTN mobile money?

For Registered Users

Walk to the nearest Mobile money agent and tell them the amount you wish to withdraw. The agent will initiate a transaction which basically attempts to transfer the money from your Mobile Money account to theirs. That’s why you’ve have to make an approval.

How can I use MTN mobile money?

Any MTN subscriber with a mobile money compatible SIM can create an e-wallet on their mobile phone and deposit funds in it. Once you fund your mobile money account, you can then pay for goods and services with your mobile phone at participating merchants or transfer funds to friends, family, and clients.

How can I make MTN Mobile money account?

Send mobile money in Ghana

  1. Log on to MTN Mobile Money official website.
  2. Click on “Register”.
  3. Enter your username which is your phone number and preferred Mobile Money Pin.
  4. Enter the captcha displayed. …
  5. Enter the one-time password.
  6. Create your own password or keep the one generated for you.
  7. Click on “Continue”.

Can I receive MTN mobile money from abroad?

Can MTN Mobile Money users receive money from abroad? Yes. With WorldRemit you can receive money from over 50 countries into your MTN Mobile Money wallet in these countries: Benin.

How much does MTN charge for mobile money?

The cost of MTN MOMO transfer is 2.25% of the money you are sending. That is because, after the introduction of the E-levy, MTN charges 0.75% + 1.5% E-levy charges making it 2.25%. For example, if you want to transfer 100GHS, you will be charged an additional 2.25GH as fees.

Can I send money from Nigeria to Ghana using MoMo?

SendCedis2Naira operates an exchange service and allows you to transfer funds from Nigeria to the MTN Mobile Money account in Ghana. Using this platform to send money from Nigeria to Ghana, your recipient will get the funds you transferred into his MoMo wallet.10 Épr 2022

What is the limit for MTN MoMo?

In Ghana, the limit for MTN Momo includes 2000GHS daily and 20,000GHS monthly transactions limit for Tier 1 momo customers. In contrast, Tier 2 MTN Momo customers have a limit of 5,000GHS daily and 50,000GHS monthly.

Is the Cash App Safe?

Cash App uses cutting-edge encryption and fraud detection technology to make sure your data and money is secure. Any information you submit is encrypted and sent to our servers securely, regardless of whether you’re using a public or private Wi-Fi connection or data service (3G, 4G, or EDGE).

For more information on MoMo CLICK HERE

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