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10 ways on How to make money without having a job


How to make money without having a job – It’s possible to make money without having a job; there are certain things you can do to make money without possible having a job. This article will list things to do to make money. Relax digest it and you will see yourself become financial buoyant.

How to make money without having a job

1. Participate in paid market researchHow to make money without having a job

Market research can be handsomely rewarded as it allows companies to pay participants to express their opinion on everyday items, services and brands covering such disparate topics as beauty products, medical research and political stances.

Medical research usually entails being paid to give an opinion on medicine or medical treatments, or to help test medicine and treatments from basic research to clinical trials and studies. Make sure to understand what it can mean for your health if you decide to participate in medical research.


2. Become a virtual assistant – How to make money without having a job

A virtual assistant helps businesses with day-to-day tasks like email management, bookkeeping and social media from a remote location. can provide flexibility at a low startup cost to you. The average pay in 2021 for virtual assistants in the United States is about $19 per hour, according to Indeed.com in a midyear update.

3. Sell online – How to make money without having a job

They are several Platform one can sell things online, https://firstsiteguide.com, www.jumia.com.ng and https://www.branchbob.com  The first step is deciding what to sell, it could be clothes or old electronics and furniture that are no longer in use. You can also visit Amazon, eBay and Etsy  for online transaction and make your profit.

4. Housesit – How to make money without having a job

Property owners or resident often pay housekeepers to take care of their property and perform some role like keeping a house clean, taking care of pets, watering plants, and more., while being away in return provides financial reward and provide accommodation. Websites like www.housesitter.com and www.nomador.com to get started will connect you with residents all over the world looking for housesitters with free and membership registration.

5. Write online reviews – How to make money without having a job

Several companies that sell a product or service take consumer feedback very seriously and use feedback to improve business operations. These companies will pay users for original and thoughtful reviews of products and services. Research websites are deployed for this kind of services, sites like InboxDollars and Survey Junkie. Certain companies, like Amazon, choose to use third-party websites and also conduct their own reviews directly through their website.

6. Start a blog – How to make money without having a job

Starting blog is great. Once you begin writing quality content, you can use advertising, affiliate marketing, courses, e-books and more to profit from your blog. It’s likely you’ll have to build your audience significantly before earning an income from blogging.

7. Game on Twitch – How to make money without having a job

Are you a lover of video games? If you are you, you can make money by playing video games on Twitch, the world’s leading livestream platform. The video game industry has surged over the past few years, especially in 2020. The success and earnings that gamers accrue will vary. Still, there is a lot of money to be made in the billion-dollar industry. Create an account and begin livestreaming, turn it into a full-time job or just use it to bring in extra income.

8. Sell photography – How to make money without having a job

Taking a well crafted photography should not just be meant for social media platform, you can turn that your hobby, passion into money by creating a photography websites and freelancer marketplaces like Adobe Stock, Upwork and Fiverr. You can use camera or your phone and apply software like Adobe Photoshop.

9. Pet sit

Pet lovers don’t mind paying good dollars for their pet to be taken good care of, so if you pet sit you can make top cash for it. The average income for such services is over $13 per hour. To get started, sign up with a pet-sitting service, such as Rover or Fetch. Or, you can begin watching pets in your neighborhood and grow a business through referral.

10. Create a podcast – How to make money without having a job

Podcast is a good way of making money, it’s a billion-dollar industry. Podcasts have approximately 80 million listeners, with listenership increasing 17% since 2020, according to Edison Researc.

11. Tutor – How to make money without having a job

If you are sound and vested with a particular subject or field of learning so tutoring can be a great way to make money without a traditional job. It is through a franchise or a school, or teaching in your home. According to Indeed, the average salary for a tutor is about $25 per hour in the U.S.

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