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CONCACAF Gold final 2023 Mexico 1 Vs Panama 0


CONCACAF Gold final Mexico 1 Vs Panama 0 -This is one of the toughest final i have ever seen, what seems the be a scoreless game yielded immediate result without extra time, Congrats to Mexico for CONCACAF Gold final.

CONCACAF Gold final


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CONCACAF Gold final


Mexico faced off against Panama in the 2023 CONCACAF Gold Cup Final on Sunday, July 16th. What seemed to be headed into a scoreless match going into extra time changed when Santiago Giménez came off the bench and scored to give Mexico a 1-0 lead in 88′. This intense and close Final Gold Cup match concluded in a Mexico 1-0 victory over Panama.

Congrats to Mexico as we at Jobslimes join the celebration but to Panama I respect you guys fought a good fight although in the games of sport a winner must eventually emerged.

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