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Latest Bet9ja Bounces Back Stronger Regain control of its website 2022


Bet9ja Bounces Back Stronger – CEO assures their Customers that They are incharge of the situation and that all accounts, data, and funds are safe and secure. Our best days still lie ahead,” CEO, Ayo Ojuroye says.

Bet9ja Bounces Back Stronger

Bet9ja Bounces Back Stronger

Popular Nigerian sports betting platform, Bet9ja, has confirmed it has gained control of its website days after it was hijacked by a cyber-criminal organisation, Russian Black Cat, last week. Its CEO, Ayo Ojuroye, said in a statement on Bet9ja’s official Twitter handle that the website is now under their control, allaying the fears of investors and customers alike.

Bet9ja Bounces Back Stronger – “The past few days have been challenging for us as a business,” he said in the letter. “Many of our customers and stakeholders have had to deal with the inconvenience of not being able to access their accounts or place bets on the bet9ja.com platform.”

Bet9ja Bounces Back Stronger – Bet9ja CEO confirmed that the hack was carried out by the cyber-criminal organisation. He added that his company has “taken steps to reduce and mitigate any risk to our network systems and operations,” adding that protecting their customers is important for the company.

Bet9ja had previously confirmed the hack in another letter published on Nairameterics last Thursday. The hack, widely reported on news sites, became a trend on social media when users found out they were unable to place any bets since Thursday last week.

In 2019, the football betting site was reported to have gathered up to 60 million users by opening shops across Nigeria – a number predicted to have risen to 80 million users. So, the hack was going to agitate quite a number of Nigerians who rely on the platform for their betting needs.

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