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8 Best Fitness Apps 2022/2023


Best Fitness Apps – There are over 2.7 million fitness apps on Google play and Apple store, it challenging to choose the best. This article will expose the best fitness Apps that delivers results according to the sport. They are free and also has premium paid package. The apps are available for android and IOS.

The lists of Best Fitness Apps are below:

1.    Calm – Best Fitness Apps

If you need help reducing your stress and anxiety, increasing focus and improving sleep quality, this app is for you!

Calm is a meditation and mindfulness app that includes guided meditations, bedtime stories, breathing programs and relaxing music.


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2. Endomondo – Best Fitness Apps

The Platform create access to the community of people using Endomondo, Endomondo lets you track your performance in over 60 sports, including yoga, tennis, football, running, cycling, and bodybuilding.

It also syncs with other apps and devices like Fitbit, Garmin Connect, MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, Samsung Health, etc.

3.Daily Yoga – Best Fitness Apps

Considered the best Yoga app of 2018 by Healthline. It contains more than 50 yoga courses and more than 400 yoga asanas. You’ll have access to classes of different duration (between 5 and 45 minutes) and 3 types of strength (low, medium, high).

4. Strong –Best Fitness Apps

Best fitness Apps

An app to record your workouts in an easy and intuitive way. The app comes with exercises and plans already registered, but you can also add your own. Create your routines and track your progress over time. Finally, the app also allows you to record your weight and body measurements.

5. Jefit – Best Fitness Apps

This app allows you to track your workouts. The app comes with exercises and plans already registered and you can add others. You can also create routines, track your progress over time, and record your weight and body measurements. With the app, you get access to the community of people who use Jefit and the training plans they create something you do not get with Strong.

6. Nike Training Club – Best Fitness Apps

A Nike app with more than 185 workouts in categories such as strength, endurance, yoga, and mobility.  The app also creates plans according to your goals, the amount of equipment you want to use and workouts per week.  The app also makes workout suggestions according to your training history, and videos on how to perform exercises.

7. Nike Run Club

Another Nike app, though this one is for runners. Register your workouts on the app and track your progress. You’ll also be a part of the Nike Run community, and you can compare your progress with other members of the community.

8. Strava

This app can be used for cycling, swimming, and running activities. With Strava you can analyze your performance and progress over time. For example, you can track your distance, speed, altitude, and calories burned.

You will also have access to the community of people using Strava. You can share your progress and follow other users.


A calorie counter where you can register all of your eating. With this app, you’ll have access to the biggest database of food of any calorie counter (more than 6 million foods available). And if that’s not enough, you can create foods that don’t exist on the database. 

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