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Australia Volunteering Service, Application Procedure 2022


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Australia Volunteering Service – Top 20 Volunteer space available in Australia to be filled in different locations, through remote volunteering. Volunteer is a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service.

Australia volunteer

Australia Volunteering Service

Volunteering Australia, formerly known as the Australian Council for Volunteering (ACV), was formed as a result of the merger between two incorporated bodies: The Australian Association for Volunteering (AAV) and the National Association of Volunteer Referral Agencies (NAVRA).


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The Australian Council for Volunteering was incorporated in 1993 and in 1997 received funding from the Commonwealth Government and became Volunteering Australia.


Australia Volunteering Service brings an Amazing Experience

Francisca Peña from Colombia traveled with us in three countries – (a)Thailand, (a)Nepal, and (c)Ghana. I’ve been volunteering with Volunteering Solutions in Thailand, Nepal, and Ghana.

(a) Volunteering in Thailand,


I was in an elephant camp for two weeks and it was the best experience of all.

(b)Volunteering in Nepal

In Nepal the experience was different but in turn very enriching and full of learning.

(a) Ghana Volunteering

it can be considered as a unique and very beautiful experience for the work that I did to help the girls in school and the orphanage. The people there are very friendly and supportive.
My volunteer journey was an amazing experience that will remain in my memory forever – thanks to all the people who accompanied me and was there.

If you are interested and willing to participate you are can Apply for the Job Click the link HERE

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