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African Student Scholarships in Canada


African Students Scholarships in CanadaScholarships in Canada for African Students is aim at providing financial support for African students. This support is to help African students facing financial challenges to achieve their academic dreams.

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African Students Scholarships in Canada, Below are some of the scholarships in Canada for African students:

1. Algonquin College Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students

This is one of the scholarships in Canada for African students. And it is meant to reward first-year, first-term post-secondary international students.


However, students must have above average grades and English language proficiency.

➢ Application Deadline:30th November Every Year.

Number of Scholarships: More than 30.

Value of the Scholarship: $3000


Duration of Scholarship: Not stated.

➢ Application/Eligibility: CLICK HERE

2. Humber College Scholarships for International StudentsAfrican Students Scholarships in Canada

Also, this is one of the scholarships in Canada for African students. All new international students, studying in an academic program are eligible to apply.

Also, it comes in three folds. And these scholarships are available for NEW international students beginning classes in September and January of each year.

Application Deadline: Visit the application link below for this information.

Number of Scholarships: Twenty (20).

Value of the Scholarship: Visit the application link below for this information.

Duration of Scholarship: Varies (see link below).

➢ Application/Eligibility: CLICK HERE

3. MasterCard Foundation Scholarship at University of Toronto for African Students

This scholarship is to develop Africa’s next generation of leaders. Also, it will provide 67 African students with one of the world’s top-ranked educations.

Furthermore, it opens up boundless opportunities for young Africans from economically disadvantaged communities.

However, they must have great academic talent. Also must have potential to lead, and motivation to make a difference.

➢ Application Deadline: 10 December Every Year.

Number of Scholarships: Sixty Seven (67).

Value of the Scholarship: It covers costs equivalent to the costs related to attaining a Bachelor’s degree. Also, including travel, tuition, textbooks, housing, food, and living expenses.

Duration of Scholarship: It runs for a four-year undergraduate degree.

➢ Application/Eligibility: CLICK HERE

African Students Scholarships in Canada

4. University of British Columbia International Leader of Tomorrow (ILOT) Scholarships

Again, this is one of the scholarships in Canada for African students. And it recognizes international students who demonstrate:

 Superior academic achievement.

 Also, leadership skills.

 Additionally, involvement in student affairs and community service.

Also, it’s opened to those with recognized achievement in fields of endeavor such as Performing arts. Also, sports, debating or creative writing. Furthermore, external academic competitions and examinations.

➢ Application Deadline: 15th November Every Year.

Number of Scholarships: 

Value of the Scholarship: It covers costs of tuition, fees and living costs.

Duration of Scholarship: It can be renewed for up to three additional years of undergraduate study. However, provided the student achieves satisfactory academic standing in their faculty.

And continues to demonstrate financial need.

➢ Application/Eligibility: CLICK HERE

5. Lester B. Pearson Scholarship Program for International Students at the University of Toronto

Also, this is one of the scholarships in Canada for African students. And it is intended to recognize international students. However, they must demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and creativity.

Also, it’s for those who are recognized as leaders within their school. However, a special emphasis is placed on the impact the student has had on the life of his/her school and community.

Also, their future potential to contribute positively to the global community is essential. Additionally, this scholarship is awarded annually.

➢ Application Deadline: School nomination deadline is 30th November, 2020. While student application deadline is 15th January Every Year.

Number of Scholarships: Thirty-Seven (37).

Value of Award: This scholarship will cover tuition. Also, will cover books, incidental fees, and full residence support.

Duration of Scholarship: Four years.

➢ Application/Eligibility: APPLY HERE

6. Knights of Columbus Scholarships

Also, this is one of the scholarships in Canada for African students. And it’s provided by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic charitable and fraternal organization.

Also, it gives away close to a million dollars annually in scholarships. However, to receive a Knights of Columbus Scholarship, note. Students must themselves be a Knight or be the child of an active or deceased Knight.

African Student Scholarships Benefits: The scholarship benefits vary.

Level: The scholarship is open to all levels of study.

➢ Application Link: CLICK HERE

7. Dalhousie University Master and PhD Scholarship

Dalhousie University is committed to supporting graduate students’ success. Also, it offers a competitive awards program.

Also, this is one of the scholarships in Canada for African students. Furthermore, it has the goal of ensuring that students receive financial support as possible. Thus, over 24 million dollars is awarded annually.

Scholarship Benefits: The scholarship award is valued at $30,000 for a year.

Level: The scholarship is open to  Masters, PhD.

➢ Application Link: APPLY HERE

8. International UBC Future Forests Fellowships

Also, this is one of the scholarships in Canada for African students. And it is aimed at attracting and retaining world-class doctoral students.

However, students must demonstrate both leadership skills and a high standard of scholarly achievement in graduate studies.

African Student Scholarships Award: $70,000 CAD annually for up to four years. Also, it’s intended to cover all expenses incurred in the preparation and conduct of research.

Level: Fellowships are available for pursuing a PhD

➢ Application Link: CLICK HERE

However, to learn more about the scholarship date and eligibility, visit the application link.

9. PEO International Peace Scholarships For Women

Also, this is one of the scholarships in Canada for African students. And it is a program of Women helping women reach for the stars. And the fund will provide scholarships for selected women from other countries.

Also, it covers the graduate study in the United States and Canada.

Scholarship Benefit: The maximum amount awarded to a student is $12,500

Level: Scholarships are available to study the Graduate and PhD program in any subject

➢ Application LinkCLICK HERE

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