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How To Install Solar at Homes with Affordable budget 2022


Affordable budget To Install Solar at Homes – Solar energy is a free energy supplied by sun-rays, it’s a radient light and heat from the sun that harnessed using range of technologies. Solar is Vast, Inexhaustible, Clean and represent a clean alternative to electricity from fossil fuels with no air and water pollution, no global warming, no risk of electricity price spikes and no threats to public health.

Affordable budget To Install Solar at Homes

Affordable budget To Install Solar at Homes

Are you aware? That most homes and business runs fossil fuel which in a way very expensive causing noise and air pollution. Some homes that can’t afford that are in complete darkness as the supplied of Light is erratic or epileptic. This article will educate and highlight certain components affordable to secure Solar for Lighting in your homes based on your budget. They are Heavy Investment, Average Investment and Light Solar Investment. We will be looking at the Light or medium solar investment for now. Dou you know? I Hope  You know that you don’t need Millions to have solar operating at your home. I am a beneficiary of Solar and is very reliable.

Click here to View the Picture of Solar Component You will need for Installation

How Do solar Panels worksAffordable budget To Install Solar at Homes

A solar panel works by allowing particles of light called Photon to facilitate the free flow of electrons, thereby generating the flow of Electricity.

Solar Charger Controller ComponentAffordable budget To Install Solar at Homes

A solar charge controller is used to keep the battery from not overcharging by regulating the voltage and current coming from the solar panel to the battery.

Solar Battery – Affordable budget To Install Solar at Homes

A solar battery is a device that you can add to your solar power system to store the excess electricity generated by your solar panels. You can then use that stored energy to power your home at times when your solar panels don’t generate enough electricity, including nights, cloudy days, and during power outages.

Inverter – Affordable budget To Install Solar at Homes

A power inverterinverter or invertor is a power electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

We have First Generation and Second Generation of solar Panel

We will be looking at the First Generation of solar panel

Classification of Solar Based on the Generation

1st generation solar panels

These are basic solar panels that are made up of monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon and are used in conventional surroundings.

a.) Monocrystalline solar panels (Mono-SI) Click Here to learn more

b.) Polycrystalline solar panels (Poly-SI) Click here to learn more.

The best First generational Solar panel to use used is called Monocrystalline this is due to higher power output and long durability.

Installation Requirement

  1. A roll of solar Cable
  2. One 150 -200 Wattage Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  3. One 150-200 Amps of Solar Battery
  4. One 1kw Inverter
  5. One 20Amp Solar Charger Controller

Cost RequirementAffordable budget To Install Solar at Homes

 Buying the entire component at once will be cheaper, but one can also buy it in phases as a project, once done you can run the installation.

The Cost can be up to N155, 000.00 or higher

InstallationAffordable budget To Install Solar at Homes

  1. Set Up Scaffolding. …
  2. Install Solar Panel Mounts. …
  3. Install the Solar Panels. …
  4. Wire the Solar Panels. …
  5. Install Solar Inverter. …
  6. Bond Solar Inverter and Solar Battery. …
  7. Connect the Inverter to the Consumer Unit. …
  8. Start and Test Solar Panels.

You can also reach out to technician to fix, the big deal is that you’ve gotten your solar component handy.

for more information on solar click here

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